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Neutral Ground

In New Orleans the neutral ground is the place we all come together - a place where all are welcome. Inspired by this, we've created a collection versatile enough for anyone and everyone.

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Wild Jasmine

Wild jasmine meets classic pearls in a collection guaranteed to deliver a break from tradition. Wear it anytime you’re longing for life to go a little off script.

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Giving new life to the French Quarter’s iconic architecture, the Renaissance collection boldly honors the strong history of resilience, recovery, and rebirth in New Orleans.

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Halo focuses on bangles of various metals that can be worn stacked, mixed and matched, and are perfectly versatile for any style of wardrobe.

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The Louisiana Collection reflects the culture and traditions that have influenced our designs from the beginning.

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As the name Pylon would suggest, this collection is inspired by monumental structures that speak to power and memorability.

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