Holiday Party Look

Holiday Party Look
Holiday Party Look

Holiday Party Look

Let life continue to be as vibrant and colorful as the season, so the party can go on…and on…and on…

We combined our newest Crescent and Jasmine designs for a bold and fun look for any night out! We layered our Space Station Necklace, Crescent Tassel Necklace, and Bronze Jasmine Freshwater Pearl Station Necklace. We added a ring to almost every finger; the Starry Night Ring, Crescent Full Moon Ring, Jasmine Bypass Ring, and stacked the Crescent Moon, Star, and Moonstone Rings. Mixing metals and shapes on the wrist with our Bronze Jasmine Cuff and Jasmine Freshwater Pearl Bracelet, and we finished off the look with the statement Moon Ray Earrings.

Moon Ray Earrings
Product #: 8173



Space Station Necklace
Product #: 8201


Crescent Tassel Necklace
Product #: 8115



Jasmine Cuff
Product #: 3066


Crescent Full Moon Ring
Product #: 8117


Jasmine Bypass Ring
Product #: 3070


Crescent Ring
Product #: 8053


Star Ring
Product #: 8062


Moonstone Ring
Product #: 8037


Starry Night Ring
Product #: 8204


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