Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care

Mignon Faget jewelry is designed in her New Orleans studio, handcrafted by expert craftsmen and made in America. Properly maintained, your jewelry will improve with age and develop a rich patina.

Mignon Faget polishing cloths are available through all Mignon Faget galleries and online. All repairs should be handled through Mignon Faget, Ltd. To keep your Mignon Faget jewelry in excellent condition Mignon recommends that you follow these instructions:


  • Remove all jewelry prior to swimming, gardening, cleaning, heavy lifting and applying cosmetics. Chemicals in cosmetics, swimming pools and cleaning agents may damage metals, beading materials, and patinas.
  • Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place in your Mignon Faget tarnish-preventive pouch. Exposure to air, excessive humidity, moisture, light and pollutants will cause your jewelry to tarnish. Store pieces individually. Precious metals such as Sterling Silver, 14K Gold and 18K Gold can scratch easily.

Do Not:

  • Do not use tarnish-removing dips or silver polishes. These will damage the patina of your jewelry.
  • Do not use lemon-scented brands of liquid soap.

Cleaning & Repair Services

Cleaning and repair services are available for Mignon Faget jewelry only. Please allow four weeks for repairs, in addition to shipping time.

Start a Repair


Let our expert craftspeople restore your Mignon Faget jewelry to its original luster. Available with or without patina.

Earrings $18
Pendant $12
Bracelet $25
Ring $12
Chain $12
Necklace (Full Metal) $25


Mignon Faget recommends having pearls restrung periodically to avoid breakage. Precious metal components of beaded and pearl necklaces will be polished as well.

1 Strand $1.00/inch
2 Strands $1.75/inch
3 Strands $2.25/inch
4+ Strands $2.50/inch


Attach Charm/Pendant $0
Change Length Charm Bracelet $27
Change/Replace Lobster Toggle $20 Sterling Silver/$60 14K Gold
Repair Pin Catch $25 Sterling Silver/$60 14K Gold
Reshape and Polish Cuff $30
Reshape Ring $18
Re-wrap John Humphries Bangles $0
Polish and Restring Gumbo Necklace $60
Polish and Restring Lariat Necklace $40
Restring Lashed Fences Bracelet $25

Metal & Material Specifications

Mignon Faget designs are handcrafted in Sterling Silver, 14K Gold, 18K Gold, Platinum-Clad Sterling Silver (Sterling Silver with a Platinum overlay), Gold-Plated Sterling (Sterling Silver with 24K gold overlay), and Bronze D'oré (Bronze with a 24K Gold overlay), Ebony Wood or Leather.

John Humphries designs are handcrafted in Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver, Gold Plated Brass (Brass with a 24K gold overlay), Rose and Green Gold (Stainless Steel with an 18K gold overlay), and Glass Beads.

Mignon Faget HOME designs are produced in Crystal, Glass, Ceramic, Pewter, Wood, Linen and Sterling Silver.

Shiny finishes should be cleaned with a Mignon Faget polishing cloth or glove.

Matte and Penumbra finishes should be cleaned with a soft toothbrush and dry baking soda. Some plated designs may require periodic replating, available through Mignon Faget, Ltd. for a nominal fee.

Pearls and Beaded Pieces

Do not submerge beaded pieces in soapy water. This will harm the beading thread. Avoid exposure to chemicals such as hair spray, body lotions or perfumes. Mignon Faget suggests that necklaces and bracelets be stored flat. Hanging on a hook can stretch the thread. Mignon also recommends having pearls restrung periodically to avoid breakage. Restringing is available through Mignon Faget, Ltd. for a nominal fee.


Some stones are hand selected and custom cut. Special care should be taken not to damage the stones. Rings should be removed before washing hands, swimming, cleaning, gardening and heavy lifting.

Note: Mignon Faget uses hand-selected stones and beads, stone colors and beading material may vary based on availability. Each jewelry design is delicate, special care should be taken not to damage the stones.